A1 Isn’t It Cheap

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This punky clubwas spinning fores off a funky tee
I’m on the floor and she’s watching me
Guess she was fine with a head to thigh inspection
With my back against the wall I play it casually
Man, I don’t know but when she smiled at me
And started grinding her arse on the horn of some dirty trumpet
I had to say something

Camera shy, no style, getting it right I said I wanna take you home, tonight.
And she said

*Let me take you to a place I know
Right beside the dirty little picture.
Love me if you like, but I’m not what you need.
And nothing comes for free. Isn’t it cheap

As soon as she got me alone there was no(huh) hesitation
And she started taking off all her clothes to Lady Paris singing
I was jacking her up all night with a lethal injection
The way she alomost put up a fight, was so close to perfection

Tired eyes, no ties, turn on the light I want to see what gets you hot, tonight.
And she said


isn’t it cheap, when I’m down on my knees.
Talking sweet just to meet your demands. See your
delight as your stealing my night
Just to play it straight in to my hands



EMINEM 3 Verses

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I’m the illest rapper to hold a cordless
Patrolling corners
Looking for hookers to punch in the mouth with a roll of quarters
I’m meaner in action
Than Rosco beating James Tarteenyer (?)
And smackin his back with vacuum cleaner attachments
I grew up in the wild hood
As a hazardous youth
With a fucked up childhood
That I used as an excuse
And aint shit changed
But kept the same mindstate
Since the third time that I failed 9th grade
You probably think that I’m a negative person don’t be so sure of it
I don’t promote violence I just encourage it
I laugh at the sight of death
As I fall down a cement flight of steps
And land inside a bed of spider webs
So throw caution to the wind
You and a friend
Can jump off of a bridge and if you live, do it again
Shit, why not? Blow your brain out
I’m blowing mine out
Fuck it, you only live once you might as well die now

It’s only fair to warn
I was born with a set of horns
And metaphors attached to my damn umbulical cord
Warlord of rap little bastard with a two by four board
That smashed into your Honda Accord
With a 4 door Ford
But I’m more toward droppin an accapella
And choppin’ a fella
To mozarella
Worse than a hellacopta propella
Got you locked in the cella
With your skeleton showing
Developing anorexia
While I’m standin next to ya
Eating a full course meal watching you starve to death
With an IV in your veins
Feeding you liquid darvicet
Pumping you full of drugs
Pull the plugs
On the gunshot victims full of bullet slugs
Who were picked up in an ambulance
And driven
To receiving with the asses ripped outta they pants
And given
A less than 20 percent chance
Of living
Have a possible placement
It’s a hospital patient
Storing the dead bodies in grandma’s little basement
Doctor Kevorkian has arrived
To perform an autopsy on you while you scream I’M STILL ALIVE!
Driving a rusty scalpel in through the top of your scalp
And pulling your adams apple out through your mouth
Better call the fire department
I’ve hired a arson
To set fire to carpet
And burn up your entire apartment
I’m a liar to start shit (?)
Got your bitch wrapped around my dick
So tight you need a crobar to pry her apart wit

Met a retarded kid named Greg with a wooden leg
Snatched it off and beat him over the fucking head with the peg
Go to bed with the keg wake up with the 40
Mixed up with Alka Seltzer and Formula 44D
Fuck an acid tab I’ll strap the whole sheet to my forehead
Wait until it absorbed in and fell to the floor dead
No more said case closed end of discussion
I’m blowin up like spontaneous human combustion
Leaving you in the aftermath of holocaust and traumas
Cross the bombas (?)
We blowin up your house killing your parents
and coming back to get your foster mommas
And I’m as good at keeping a promise as Nostradamus
Cause I aint making no more threats
I’m doing drivebys in tinted Corvettes on Vietnam war vets
I’m more or less sick in the head
Maybe more cause I smoked crack (?)
today, yesterday, and the day before sabbath
Walk the block with a labrador
Strapit more corral for war than El Salvador
Foul style galore
Verbal cow manure
Coming together like the eyebrow on Al B. Sure


FABOLOUS The World Is Yours Freestyle

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(Whose world is this?)
The world is yours, the world is yours
(It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine
Whose world is this?
It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine
Whose world is this?)
Yo the world is yours, the world is yours
(It’s mine, it’s mine, it’s mine
Whose world is this?)

Ayo I can’t stop til I kill ’em now that’s dedication
You slow niggas get .38 special education
You ask who the sickest and in need of medication
They ain’t gotta think too hard, ain’t no need for meditation
It’s me and my federation, flowing with steady pacing
I’m a nightmare on Fridays, call me Freddy Jason
I’m ill with it, sometimes I lay in bed like patients
But can’t sleep at night, the thoughts in my head are racing
‘Bout niggas having runs and forget the Feds are patient
They jog behind niggas when they out here cheddar chasin’
Wait til your legs are tired, flip a regular buyer
Crack ’em and watch you scramble like eggs in frying, pans
The Testarossas turn to testifying, man
The don’t knows start identifying, damn
That’s why I bullshit with them generic hoes
Hit it and show no emotion like I’m Derrick Rose
Bend ’em over put ’em in the Walls of Jerichos
But I need queens not Hillside or Merrick hoes
Nigga every lyrics goes, I don’t take a bar off
My chain hang like big tits with the bra off
Don’t push buttons except for when I turn the car off
But homie in the Yankee let the AR off
Yeah, I call him A-Rod nigga
If I point he start shooting like we play guard nigga
And that’s the reason that I’m chilling Big Willie style
Check the chip tooth smile and my whips roof now
Got the stars in it and a honey with talent
The Wraith black like homeboy from Money and Violence
I keep ballin’ but never falling six foot deep
I’m out for presidents to represent me
(Say what?)
I’m out for presidents to represent me
(Say what?)
I’m out for dead presidents to represent me

(Whose world is this?
Its mine, it’s mine, it’s mine
Who’s world is this?)
Aye every morning I tell my son he gon’ be a king
And every night I tell em the world is yours
I want him to believe that shit


A1 Learn To Fly

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When you feel the dream is over
Feel the world is on your shoulders
And you lost the strength to carry on
Even though the walls may crumble
And you find you always stumble through
Remember never to surrender to the dark
Cuz if you turn another page
You will see thatís not the way
The story has to end

And if you need to find a way back
Feel youíre on the wrong track
Give it time, youíll learn to fly
Tomorrow is a new day
And you will find your own way
Youíll be stronger with each day that you cry
Then youíll learn to fly

In your head, so many questions
The truth is your possession
The answer lies within your heart (within your heart)
You will see the doors are open
If you only dare to hope
And you will find a way to fight
The fears that kept you down
Cuz if you turn another page
You will see thatís not the way
The story has to end

And if you need to find a way back
Feel youíre on the wrong track
Give it time, youíll learn to fly
Tomorrow is a new day
And you will find your own way
Youíll be stronger with each day that you cry
Then youíll learn to fly

Looking at your situation
Thereís so much that you can do
Nowís the time to make your stand
This is just an observation
In the end itís up to you
The futureís in your hands

And if you need to find a way back
Feel youíre on the wrong track
Give it time, youíll learn to fly
Tomorrow is a new day
And you will find your own way
Youíll be stronger with each day that you cry
Then youíll learn to fly

Give it time
Then youíll learn to fly


EMINEM 2.0 Boys

Welcome to Site Lyrics mstudiobiz.wordpress.com EMINEM 2.0 Boys Lyrics, singer by EMINEM <div> <i>[Royce Da 5’9′]</i><br>Ryan’s a homocidal misfit<br>I write the solution of biophysics<br>On the side of a cliff and some hieroglyphics<br>This my admission to having violence psychotic<br>With the vile polish politics by the way I’m higher than the Eiffel tower tip<br>I like writing but I will stick this pencil in your ass before I bite ya shit<br>Pause, inhale hell n kush, us and Yealwolf like a heavy foot gas pedal push<br>Felon’s, crooks, going door to door like he’s selling books, Dolly Parton style, melons mush<br>Now my bitch dancer, I’m bout as sick as cancer<br>If you could swallow my style, you probably rip ya pants off<br>If you could bottle my style and sell it to somebody<br>It’d probably smell like cologne made out of bits of panther<br>They call me anchor man, I’ll hold down the ship<br>Leave you niggas floating in water and go and drown a fish<br>fuck I’m fucking heinous, I’ll make you fucking famous<br>Them lead showers is coming, fuck is you sayin'<br><br><i>[Eminem]</i><br>Fuck, it’s fucking raining, shit, it’s lightening<br>Bitch, its thundering, cause I’m hushing up I’m a storm if you wonderin'<br>Shit, you could muster up a thought, to take a toter? and a brain fart<br>Want urine in your face, all you had to do was say it<br>You wish you woulda just stayed pissed off in the first place<br>We came to monopolise the game<br>Illuminati is here, yeah, human oddities<br>at odds with us, just whats gotta be<br>Cause we started out cold and it snowballed<br>We froze, soon as we rolled up on these hoes<br>All’s we know is you over the bar like Limbo/Limbaugh<br>You know who you are<br>So quit fucking the dark before we start callin’ you bizaare<br>Shit screw the boots, ya’ll dun raped a pitbull<br>Fell in love with Shih-tzu<br>This is directed directly at you<br>And as for these hoes who don’t know me from a can of paint<br>You must be huffin’, fuck a ballsack if the taints can’t take you on a date<br>You mistake me for a gentleman, your 2000 and late man, Will-I-aint<br>I’m the bad guy, type of guy that will drag 5 girls up on stage<br>Pour ice in their pants and the first one who pee’s gets a black eye<br><br><i>[Hook – Eminem]</i><br>You must be outta ya mind<br>You think you fucking with us<br>Suck on these nuts<br>Bitch hang it up, this game is over<br><br><i>[Joell Ortiz]</i><br>Puffing loosies, watching I Love Lucy with Gary Busey<br>Crazy, how the fuck could you son me? I’m Shady<br>Will there ever come a day when they could slay me?<br>I don’t know, fifth month, black and yellow insect, maybe<br>Til then I kill the bad man tryna slay me<br>Everything you kick weak, your speak kung fu yazy<br>All my homeboys, 2.0 boys<br>Nickle, I just picked up a Phantom, look how it rolls, Royce!<br>Even if I wanted to quit, I ain’t got no choice<br>Verses keep coming, I should invoice my own voice<br>You should see the kind of asses that my pole hoist<br>Hoes be like diamonds in your chain, man, so moist<br>Bang bang bang bang, house gang, chainsaw<br>Here to kill you pussy’s, don’t ask what we came for<br>I write til my right arm vein’s sore<br>Forearm feel like Thor’s arm in a gang war<br>You hear that Yaowa, you know who finna file out<br>Definitively finish you, my fist stick out that eyeball<br>Piranha mentality with a jaws bite all night<br>Coming up, never saw light, but never lost sight<br><br><i>[Joe Budden]</i><br>Jets and movers, cess-poolers, meth abusers<br>You step to us, text rugers to respect the shooters<br>My men think in sync, roll with the best crew<br>Move to the beat of the same drum without Lex Luger<br>Welcome to nay hood, bigger than jects, G<br>Cheated death multiple times without riggin the deck<br>So I’m well prepped if you just want war<br>There’ll be blood everywhere, you be laying on the Louboutin floor<br>It’s raw, you keep acting like you don’t know Mouse, nigga<br>And you gon’ need the best doctors, house nigga<br>Guard your jewels and avoid large tools<br>Cause after I spill you at the light, you be in a car pool<br>Keep your distance from idiots, cause the truth told<br>They food for thought’s rotten, they gems are fool’s gold<br>Need results from my actions, mistakes I’ll exonerate<br>I’m Martin King staring at a picture of Obama’s face<br>Talking funds, niggas ain’t never seen stock<br>I don’t need the key to the game, I pick a mean lock<br><br><i>[Hook – Eminem]</i><br>You must be outta ya mind<br>You think you fucking with us<br>Suck on these nuts<br>Bitch hang it up, this game is over<br><br><i>[Crooked I]</i><br>Takeoff, you invited inside of the mind of a psychotic rhymer<br>I’m kind of a Dahmer, I’m grinding<br>Now rappers are lining up jackers, I’m climbing up ladders<br>I buy enough clappers to retire you factors, fire at drama<br>You liars and actors, I’m the genuine article<br>But read me wrong, get my gun and split you to particles, particles<br>Tell me when and I’m there<br>Not only heir to the throne, but my chair is suspended in air<br>Stay fly like a limited fare<br>You got us pegged wrong, my circle don’t fit in with squares<br>I smell shit and piss, know where it’s coming from<br>You stepped on number two just to be number one<br>Now I’ma step on you, bring it to yo yard<br>Bogart for arts, we go hard<br>You frauds just blow hard like broads, I coast guard the west<br>I’m Mozart, I compose dark shit with no heart<br><br><i>[Yelawolf]</i><br>I got no Jim Beam in the liver<br>Getting head like clean clippers, with haters on my dick like a jeans zipper<br>When I throw up 16’s like I drink liquor<br>You think you seen sick? Well, bitch, you ain’t seen sicker<br>Then I’ll crack, and then I’ll hop around in a hospital gown<br>Popping the trunk, my pumper stay cocking the round<br>I shit logs and I piss river brown<br>Cause I drink creek water and spit the river Nile<br>And that’s as close as I get to a pyramid<br>Shit, they think I’m Illuminati, so fuckin’ ignorant<br>Sick with a grin, here with this pen, so innocent<br>But when you win, they say you a sin, but in the end<br>They jump on the bandwagon and dance to the band playing<br>Skinny-ass pants sagging, it’s only yourself you playing<br>Call me a clown, but you love where the clown’s hanging<br>And the freakshow’s at the county carnival then you pay<br>Bitch, I’m on a trapeze with no legs in the dark<br>Yelling Go Shady driving slower than an old lady<br>In an old ’89, no piece if you pay me<br>Gimme peace sign on my grill, no Mercedes<br>I’m getting paid for these shows that I throw lately<br>Same shows a year ago woulda broken most of you crazies<br>They call me crazy cause I made it<br>Bitch, you crazy cause you quit, look at my clique lately<br>You ain’t fucking wit’ Budden, you ain’t got no choice with Royce<br>You don’t wanna see the Crooked I, well, listen to Ortiz voice<br>That dirt road hit the 8 Mile, the porno boys<br>And if Marshall want me to clap, then homie, I deploy<br>Game over<br><br><i>[Eminem]</i><br>Yo, I don’t think they heard you, tell ’em again<br><i>[Yelawolf]</i><br>Game over</div&g

FABOLOUS Take It Easy Freestyle

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Take it easy for real bro
[Evil laughing]
Take it easy for real bro, (Yeah)
Take it easy for real bro, (DJ CLUE)
(That boy Fabolous)
They said why I’m going so hard? What I’m s’posed to take it easy?

I said too many swag raps and not enough rhymes
Too many watches and not enough time
But today I got time cuz’ goodnight to you lames
I’m just over you niggas’ Suge Knight in the Range
Might take a few shots I should write in a range
Cause I’m trying to get the paper used to write in my aim
And that make you a target, I will make you a carpet
Have the wolves on you again, make you a Garnett
Niggas’ trying to eat don’t have me make you the market
Bitches want it now fuck that take you tomorrow shit
Shorty he ain’t coppin’ he couldn’t take you to Target
Get your roll on I take you under the arm pit
Take you to the star shit he just take you to Starlets
Never let a stock boy take you off of the market
Your bitch borin’ like her first name is Margaret
My bitch foreign like her last name is Vargas
And shorty miss me I been grinding all week really
Came home to a Minaj like Meek Milly
She call me hit and run I’m like freak really?
I made two hundred all star week silly
Made enough dough to make biscuits for the whole block
I don’t spend time I hit the district for a gold watch
My lil’ homie, his biscuit is a old Glock
He catch a square and put the Triscuit in a gold box
So take it easy, I told you niggas’, giving passes ain’t easy
I’m ruthless like EZ, want beef? I’m like Ruth’s Chris that’s easy
Take your top off make you roofless that easy
Desert Eagle nickname D-easy, bullets pass Romo to D-easy (What up Dez?) Bryant
In New York I’m a Giant, I’m like Victor Cruz with chicks to choose
Met a chick at Sue’s her dress fit so well, best catch you done seen since Odell
Niggas’ like ex’s probably say I’m not shit, if you ain’t got haters you probably ain’t got shit
Love me in L.A. on some Hollywood Pac shit
Love me in The A up in Follies I’m the hot shit
Love MIA twenty mamis in the spot shit
Love me in my city don’t try me with the THOT shit
I’m on some rapper run up probably get shot shit
Star on the ground Hollywood block shit
I got the check and the stripes word to Yeezy
So easy, you niggas’ gotta’ take it easy

[Girl singing:]
Gotta’ take it easy, whaaaaat
Gotta’ take it easy, whaaaaat
Gotta’ take it easy, whaaaaat
Gotta’ take it easy, whaaaaat

[DJ Clue:]

[Faboulous talking:]
You niggas’ gotta’ take it easy bro, you looking crazy out here family
Like what are you doing bro? For these hoes?
You know how that shit go, you know how that shit go. Ha ha ha. Yea
Take it easy for real bro

[DJ Clue:]
[giving shoutouts]


A1 Crazy For Leaving You

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The crazy things I heard you say Iím mad about you all the same
I never really saw the crime Yet went ahead and served my time
I never met someone like you before But sometimes that is not enough
Cuz I canít help just feeling

I must be crazy for leaving you Must be crazy for feeling blue
But my heart lately has been untrue I must be crazy, crazy for leaving you
I will regret this chosen mind I never wanna see you cry
I care about u endlessly u deserve a deeper love than me
I donít know if Iíll make it on my own But I tried so hard to let it go
And I canít hide this feeling

And I know that I will miss you like a fool But thereís something in my life
And I canít hide this feeling I must be crazy for leaving you
Must be crazy for feeling blue But my heart lately has been untrue
I must be crazy, crazy, crazy for leaving you